Zkaka’s Playlist Vol.3:Workout with Lady Gaga

All Blogs, Culture, Fashion, Yoga / Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Editor’s Letter:

When you look back to pop music history, there are so many names which attract your attention, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Britney …and in 2008 a girl who named Lady Gaga makes the whole world goes crazy. Exaggerated looks and bold music tapes are just appearances, behind these masks is her unparalleled music talent.

Through her flamboyant stage image, you can see a lovely and sincerely heart. She has been supporting the LGBT community for a decade, treating fans like friends and family, and of course, she owned lots of hit song on Billboard. She has released several hit albums, including The Fame and Born This Way, which are enough to go down in history.

Her music style covers rock, electronics, jazz, country, and many other areas. This selection of songs includes her early hot singles and some good songs you may have missed, which will definitely make you energetic during your workout.

Click on this picture, and immediately feel Gaga’s music charm. You can also follow our official Spotify account, which will be updated every Tuesday.

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