Who is Suitable for Wearing Floral Tea Dress?

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Floral tea dresses help add a little bit of the 40s style to your wardrobe. These are not only ideal for summers but also for the autumn season. The origins of the tea dress go back to the ritual of afternoon tea taken by the British. This was believed to be a tradition that was started by Anna Maria Stanhope, seventh Duchess of Bedford in the year 1841.


What was its origin?

During this time, lunch was typically served midday while dinner was served at 8 or 9 pm. This is what brought everyone at the private chambers drinking tea at about 4 pm. The Tea dress then started as a garment to be made solely for being informal entertainment within the home. The main characteristics were unstructured lines along with light fabrics, which was quite easy to put on. Thus it created a comfortable dress which was easy to maneuver in.  


Floral tea dresses were initially inspired by the Asian and Orient clothing where the kimono was the primary source of design inspiration. These dresses were not worn by corsets and hence were quite liberating for women at that time with the dresses style becoming a little relaxed than ever before.

In no time, the dresses became a crucial part of any fashionable and self-respected woman’s wardrobe. This also was a way for a lady to express their tastes. These were not only loose but floating yet luxurious and were accessorized with fur, fans, jewels, handbag, and parasols. Tea dresses have slowly been altered with time and have become shorter today than what it was in the yesteryears.


Who can wear them?

Now that tea dress is again back in fashion, anyone looking for a classy yet a feminine look can wear floral tea dress. This is because it acts as the best kind of transitional piece to be worn in between the seasons. It has recently witnessed high makeover with the fashionistas and celebrities wearing it and styling it in their own way.


Anyone who loves floral prints, vibrant colors, and feminine feel can wear this dress. Apart from this, a tea dress can be worn by someone who loves to sport a classy and chic look and accessorize it with the best kind of accessories.  Additionally, anyone who intends to portray wealth and status to the observers can wear the floral tea dress. C


Floral tea dresses is thus an evergreen style that is not only chic but also sports a classy look.

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