What to wear with Satin Dresses

Handbook, Vintage / Thursday, August 6th, 2020

Satin dresses are perfect vintage dresses. Its glossy nature is due to its production from yarn and weaves. The retro fabric which came up in ancient times continues to trend. Modern designers always keep us amazed especially on the runways with different styles made with satin, not forgetting to add those alluring embellishments. Although satin had always been thought to be for night wears, recently, the material has proven to be suitable for both night and day wears. How amazing!

The unique nature of the satin fabric cannot be overemphasized. It fits very well into whatever style, colour or print and can be worn for almost all occasions whether casual or formal. Amazingly, satin dresses may not necessarily need to be too accessorized or embroidered. You can call it independent. You will definitely get an appealing look from satin dresses. Although bright colored satin dresses such as white satin dress and red satin dress are the most common, whatever color you use will be beautiful.

There are so many fashionable styles and outfits in which you can rock your satin and below are some of them.

  • Pants

Vintage satin pants can be worn in different styles and for various purposes. Flare or straight cut satin trousers fits into more casual settings while satin cigarette pants can be used for formal events. You can rock your satin pants with matching satin tops to get a really attractive look.

Vintage satin pants
  • Slip Dresses

Satin slip dresses are all the rage now. They can be classified as wardrobe staples due to their versatility. With a switch of shoes, you can get your satin slip dresses fit for less formal events. You surely get a classic look when you put them on, be it to a formal event or as a casual everyday outfit. A plain and simple satin slip dress no matter the length keeps you comfortable all day.

slip stain dress
  • Blouses

Different styles, colours and prints of satin tops are essential to look simple but chic. They are suitable for office wears or even dinner wears. A matching satin trouser or denim pants will pair perfectly with your classic blouses.

  • Ruched

The throwback ruching of dresses creates more beautiful detailing in them. As for satin, ruching makes them glimmer even more while creating beautiful shadows on them. A ruched mini satin dress, will certainly turn heads in your direction in a party. So, get one for yourself to look all shiny and beautiful.

  • Kimono

To add style to your casual wears, kimono wears are perfect. However, satin kimono takes your look to the next level of glam. Get every head turning in your direction with a satin kimono over your casual outfit or better still over your satin slip dress.

stain kimono
  • Blazers

Get yourself looking elegant and stylish with satin blazers. Whether they are plain or with prints, they are eye-catching and leave you confident about your looks. Satin blazers fit for good office or official wears. They are best worn over light wash denim and mules or any tucked in top and skirts. Polka dots satin blazers, however, are a must-try.

satin blazers
  • Prints

Drift a little from the plain satin dresses to beautifully printed ones. Animal prints on satin outfits give you a unique look and so does polka dot prints. The trend is a very popular trend hence it’s easy availability and accessibility. So you could also opt for some other amazing prints and still look classic.

  • Coats

Duster or trench coats can also be made in satin for a more interesting look. Fully printed satin coats are a vibe of their own. They amplify your casual look and get you ready to slay. Go get a satin coat ASAP.9.Slits
Apart from teasingly revealing more of your skin, slits on satin will get you looking sexy. They can be placed at the back or front depending on what you want. They also allow for ease of movement alongside elegance. However, watch out for its length as they can be really high on the legs.

In addition, the splendor of satin makes it very appropriate for evening wears. Wearing a long satin evening gown will make you look incredibly irresistible for the event (especially white and red colored satin dresses). The evening wear can be embellished with glitters or lace patterns. Metallic heels and cool jewelries will be most suitable. Midi satin dresses are also not a bad choice to make for less formal events.

Ever thought the commonly used satin could be so useful and stylish? Well, now you know! Whenever you have to choose the best trend for your special or casual function, they can be your perfect decision. Try out a vintage satin design as soon as you can, with any colour of your choice for an enduring appeal.

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