What Should I Wear on Oktoberfest? (1)

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Oktoberfest is one of the most anticipated events in Munich. It lures tourists from around the world. Its elegance is associated with dressing up according to the occasion. Almost 90% of the attendees wear traditional clothing to welcome this cheerful event.


Traveling to a strange country to celebrate a national event is never an easy task to do. So, even if you don’t speak the German language, you can still blend in by choosing the right dress to wear for this lovely occasion.

Coming to your main concern,

what do I wear on Oktoberfest?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered as we bring you some of the best options you can wear on Oktoberfest;


A white blouse with a tight-fitting Bavarian dirndl under an apron is the typical fashion wear for the women on this wonderful occasion.

This beautiful yet stylish dirndl dress can be made from one piece or you can also get it made in two pieces. If you’re opting for a two-piece dirndl, then you can get bodice made separately from the skirt. The main idea for the dress is that it should fit around your waist perfectly.  

That is why,

you always go for the short size of dirndl, if you’re stuck between two.

Modern Day Dirndl

In today’s fashion world,


the dirndl dresses have become more modernized, though they still exhibit the traditional essence. You can now find Bavarian dirndl with much more designs and patterns.

Talking about new designs, the color options in this dress are limitless along with custom-made additions and hundreds of flairs.

Dirndl Length

The length of the authentic dirndl dresses is below the knees.


You can find this beautiful dress in many lengths. There are three types of dirndl dresses you can choose from, based on their lengths; long dirndl, middle dirndl, and mini dirndl.

Which Dirndl is best for you?

Back in the day, dirndl used to belong.

The most common type of dirndl you will see people wearing in Munich is the long dirndl but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear the same length dirndl. 


To your surprise,

All of the three lengths of dirndl dresses are acceptable.

Long dirndl dresses restrict you from jumping over benches in the tent and don’t let you move freely. If you can’t dance in your dirndl dress, then what’s the point of wearing such a dress?

The best dirndl dress for you would be the medium length dirndl. It lets you be comfortable and looks equally stylish.

How to Place Your Dirndl Bow?

One of the fun things while wearing a dirndl dress is placing your bow the right way because it says a lot about your relationship status in this tradition.

Here’s what all the bow replacements mean; 


You will wear the bow on the left side if you’re single. Similarly, wearing the bow on the right side indicates that you’re married or engaged. If you’re a kid, you wear the bow in the middle and on the back if you’re widowed.

These are just simple cultural meanings of German tradition that are followed.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect dirndl dress for you, hop on to Zkaka and choose from a variety of options.

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