What Should I Wear on Oktoberfest? (2)

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Oktoberfest is the time of the year where you can relax, unwind and have a little fun with a lot of beer. It’s a grand funfair that involves food, beer, socializing, and races. There is so much to see and so much to do; people come from far and wide to attend it. It goes on for weeks and locals are there almost every day. Around six million tourists have been recorded to visit the fair and see its numerous parades. Such a colossal event needs the perfect attire, so what should one wear at Oktoberfest? Here are a few inspirations that will help you sort the ideal outfit out for Oktoberfest.

Ladies are to wear dirndls, as they are the tradition, and they are quite fun to wear as well. Another significant part of wearing Dirndls is that they are incredibly flattering; they have the feminine charm about that that makes them ever so popular. Here are some examples:


Women’s Plus Size Red Plaid Dress Oktoberfest Fraulein Costume:

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, similarly when at Oktoberfest, uphold the traditions. Costumes are fun, and this Red Plaid dress looks adorable. The red plaid skirt, accompanied by emerald apron brings a unique feel to the design. The embroidery embellishment and the Lace-Up design make it perfectly festive for the occasion.

Women’s Dress Oktoberfest Fraulein Costume:

There is no fun without a cool costume at Oktoberfest, and this cute little dress will be a huge hit at the fair for sure, should you choose to wear it. The dress is designed with “very much in fashion” ruffles as well as ribbons and lace. The front is lace-up, which makes the design very enticing. The purple and black combination is pretty attractive as well as festive.

Bavarian Beer Suit Short Sleeve Suspender Suit:

Suspender Suit

If you are as bold and eye-catching as this dress is, you are made for each other. This sexy beer suit is perfect for the beer festival. You can ignore you in this cute little piece, with suspenders. The design of the waistband, as well as the suspender, is done with embroidery and badges. It’s elegant, erotic as well as pretty fashionable. The checked blouse breaks the monotony of the dress with ruffled sleeves.

Festive dresses and traditions are a part of Oktoberfest; the fun affair is a great way of socializing as well as unwinding your stressed life.

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