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The fundamentals of vintage clothing are not necessarily nostalgic. However, they possess an elicit and an inspiring trendy style. To cater to the modern need of blending old and new, exploring the retro gear is a must. The 1950s Dresses witnessed a comeback of the French dresses, soon replaced by the Christian Dior’s soft and feminine look. The basic feature of a vintage dressing is its long and flowy design.

What vintage dress style should I choose?

There is a vast vintage dress collection from the 1940s and 1950s, which often leaves people confused. If one is unable to select one specific style, then the indecisiveness might overpower the joy of vintage dressing. Hence, to help you transform into a vintage diva, here are a few popular dressing ideas that may transport you back in time!


Flapper Dresses

Loose and slip over is what best characterizes the famous flapper dresses, which were worn by dauntless women who loved rebelling against the social constraints of the 1940s. Both long and short flapper dresses were considered trendy with a slightly exposing back.


 Tip: To display your best vintage flapper look, select a silk shimmering sequined flapper dress.

Swing Dresses

Perhaps, the most classical design from the 1950s dresses is the swing dress. Also known as the circle dress, the slim-fitting bodice joins a full circular skirt at the natural waistline. During the 1950s, with huge buttons and bows at the front, the swing dress was further enhanced.

Polka Dot Swing Dress

Tip: Blue dresses are often considered eye-pleasing yet attractive. To glamorize your vintage dressing, choose a blue cotton swing dress with a large white bow on the front.

Shirt Dresses

Are you searching for a formal vintage look? If so, then a shirt dress is an excellent choice! You can best describe a shirt dress as a button-down slim fit bodice that enjoins a full skirt at the waistline. This huge collared dress resembles a shirt at the top, which you can further stylized with capped or cuffed sleeves.

Tip: When searching for a more formal shirt dress, pick one with a small round collar and long cuffed sleeves.

Leather Jackets & Cigarette Pants

After the dresses, there came a big yet bold revolution in the 1950s dresses, which gained massive positive response from the teenagers. People commonly wore a dark-colored leather jacket, black inner top and, short cigarette pant towards the end of the 1950s.

Tip: This dress style is widely used today and can be easily confused with modern rather than vintage. Thus, to maintain your vintage look, carry straight short hair bobs with 1950s makeup.

Glamorize your favorite vintage dress!

Long & Curly

The 1940s and 1950s dresses were often carried with a long curly ponytail dangling at the back. Bring about the real feels of the vintage world by styling up your 1950s Dresses with a ponytail tied up using a chiffon scarf!

Short & Straight

You can merge the past with the present by carrying straight hair bobs with fringes on a trendy flapper dress! Or, pin up your hair using cute white bows with patterned blue dresses.

1950s Dresses are the most popular among vintage dress styles. The essence of retro fashion lies in the form of long flowy Tea Dresses, lapel collared blouses, pleated skirts, gloves and, cat-eyed sunshades. To grab the attention of some striking combinations of blue dresses along with red shoes are always a favorite option.

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