Trick or Treat: 5 movies for Halloween

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The well-known Halloween is on November 1st of each year. It was originally a European feast to monitor demon and drive away from the grim reaper. However, Halloween Eve was a Halloween carnival that was loved by young people. Nowadays, many people, including Western countries, regard these two days as a good opportunity to play, tell ghost stories and scare each other. On Halloween day, going out to eat and drink is not as good as watching a movie at home. Prepare cola, potato chips, dim the lights, let us scream again after the mysterious carnival night!

NO.1 (Halloween)Series


On a Halloween night in 1963 in 1963. A 6-year-old boy from the small town of Hardenfield, Michael Myers, killed his sister with a kitchen knife. When his parents found him, he was holding his bloody killer and looking straight at the sky. Michael Myers was sent to a mental hospital.

Halloween Movie Plot 1

Fifteen years later, Michael Myers fled the mental hospital. During the storm, he stole the car of Dr. Samuel Lumis and Nurse Marion, returned to the town of Hardenfeld and stole a white mask there. At the same time, the daughter and student of the real estate agent in the town found that someone had been following her, but she did not know the person who followed her.

Halloween Movie Plot 2

When Dr. Lumis and the sheriff were madly looking for Michael, he didn’t know that Laurie was taking care of the children Lindsey and Tommy and that Laurie’s friends Anne, Linda and Bob were missing one by one…

Recommended Reason

Halloween” can be said to be the iconic work that horror movie fans admire. The reason why it is popular is that the series is very different. Compared with the horror film, the series lacks the elements of the ghosts. Compared with the bloody film, it is less bloody killing.

Halloween Movie Plot 3

In the first part, the director created a tense atmosphere through a first-person perspective and rhythmic background music. The unpredictable storyline also made the series a classic that other horror films could not imitate.

NO.2 (A Nightmare on Elm Street)Series

A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nancy Thompson is a young girl living on Elm Street. One day, in her dream, a strange man whose fingers like a razor and with scars on his face appeared. Since then, she has been tortured by this nightmare every night. The weird thing is that all the children on the elm tree street dreamed of the same nightmare.

A Nightmare in Elm Street Plot 1

Soon after, Nancy’s friends died tragically, and she realized that she had to stay awake before she could survive. After Nancy’s investigation, she discovered that the dream killer was the famous middle-class man Freddy on the Elm Street. Many years ago, he was burned to death by angry parents because he killed children and escaped hunting. For many years, Freddy came back as a ghost. He can enter the children’s dreams at will and kill them in an extremely cruel way to show revenge.

A Nightmare in Elm Street Plot 2

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” can be regarded as a classic in the horror film, especially in the first part of the young Depp uncle in the bed by the “big bloodletting” lens to make audience screaming, and finally the open ending is to let the follow-up story Development has unlimited possibilities.

The real thing that made villain Freddy of this series the “Ghost King” throne is the third “Ghost Street: The Battle of Dreams”. The film is a good example of the charm of supernaturalism, blending illusion and reality.

A Nightmare in Elm Street Plot 3

The main character who has a superpower in the dream becomes no longer helpless, although the fighting scene looks a bit like the war between Altman and little monster, it does not lose vitality. At the same time, “The Ghost Street: The Battle of Dreams” also laid the foundation for the success of this series of follow-up works.

NO.3 (Trick’r Treat)(2007)

Trick’r Treat

Trick’r Treat

It is said that Halloween night is the time ghosts and all monsters are free to appear, and this night, people must respect the traditional pumpkin lanterns for a full night, and only those who follow the tradition can safely pass this horrible festival. Some villagers who have forgotten the tradition in this small town will accept the most rigorous lessons and may even die.

Trick’r Treat Plot 1

A young couple broke the pumpkin lanterns in the afternoon; the four dressed up ladies screamed at the road to the country party. A group of gangsters mischievously discovered the long-awaited horror story in the village is not only so simple as the story. An eccentric old layman was greeted by a sly kid tonight. Deaf people, ghosts, monsters, the protagonists in all the horror stories come out this night to find the troubles of the villagers who do not respect the tradition. How can the villagers survive this horrible night?

The story is closely linked to another story and fits the theme of Halloween. You can feel the festive atmosphere through the computer screen. The biggest point of the film is that the film does not completely follow the old routine of the horror film, and the plot is suspenseful and unpredictable. It can be said that the biggest fun of this movie is to guess where the protagonist in each story will die.

Trick’r Treat Plot 2

At the same time, the film is also very careful in the details, the picture is quiet, full of mystery, like a beautiful painting. The unrelenting plot and the pleasing picture, “Trick’r Treat” can be regarded as a rare horror film in recent years.

NO.4 (It)(2017)


In Derui, Maine, the number of missing children and deaths is much higher than six times the national average and has not been able to find a cause. Until one day, the underage children found that only they could see some strange phantoms, and a red-haired white clown often appeared in front of everyone. The clown can appear anywhere, at any time, into any kind of horrible thing, completely scare the children, and then eat them. No one knows who the clown is, and the police ban does not help.

It Plot 1

At this time, a schoolboy who lost his brother, Billy, slowly touched the core of the incident in order to find the truth. The original clown Penny Wise is the curse of the supernatural power that exists in the town of Derui. Penny Wise has existed hundreds of years. Every twenty-seven years, he will be resurrected in the town, absorbing the energy of children and washing away the memories of adults so that they cannot stop or be aware of them. In order not to let Penny Wise continue to mess, Billy and his six friends decided to come forward.

It Plot 2

As one of the best adaptations of Stephen King, the horror of the new version of “It” is that Penny Wise will appear in any place you can’t imagine. However, another highlight of the film is everyone’s new “husband” – the Swedish little brother who plays the clown, Scarsgard.

It Plot 3

In the movie, Scarsgard did not use too much force or imitate the style of Tim Kerry in the old version of “It”. His unique performance made Penny Wise some anxious feeling of evil.

NO.5 (Interview with the Vampire)(1994)

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire

In the 18th century Louisiana, Louis, the manor who lost his wife and daughter, was caught by the vampire Lester and turned into a vampire. In New Orleans, Louis couldn’t resist the temptation to suck the blood of the little girl, Kordia, and Leicester, in spite of his opposition, turned Claudia into a vampire. Three people formed a strange family.

Interview with the Vampire Plot 1

A few decades later, Claudia loved Louis and began to resent that Leicester deprived her of her real life. She designed to kill Lester and traveled around the world with Louis, who lived like a father and a daughter or lover. In Paris, they met a group of vampires who lived in the underground of the theater. Amon taught Louis a lot and wanted to be a new partner of Louis. For this reason, there was a contradiction between Louis and Claudia, and eventually, it became an irreparable tragedy.

Interview with the Vampire Plot 2

In 1988, Louis returned to New Orleans, telling a young journalist, Maloy, about his own experience and telling the sadness behind the vampire’s immortality. Unexpectedly, Maloy was deeply attracted after listening to it. A new one. The story of the vampire will begin.

Interview with the Vampire is probably the best feature film about vampires after the 1990s. The film is adapted from the American woman writer Anne Rice’s “Vampire Lester”, which explores the relationship between eternal life and death from a unique perspective.

Interview with the Vampire Plot 3

The yellowed tones bring a gorgeous retro feel, and the reversal of the ending makes the whole story surprising, and it has to be sighed of fate. The biggest highlight in the movie is the good looks of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt when they are young. Whether it is Louis’s melancholy or Leicester’s evil charm, there is always a suitable one for you.

After reading the recommendation, do you think that it is very good to open a computer to watch a movie on Halloween? Maybe you look at it, you will feel that there is no longer a single person in the house.

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