The Perfect Guide to 1920s Fashion

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Of the few decades in the 1900s that are known for their impeccable and unmatched fashion that designers are still inspired from today, the roaring 20s are honorable mention. Also known as the Gatsby era, the 20s had a style so luxurious and glamorous that you could only imagine what parties were like back in the day. From mary janes to cloche hats to fur coats, the fashion of the 20s was a uniquely lush phenomenon that we should all remember. Here are the top 8 1920s fashion trends that are truly unforgettable and defined the decade with elegance.

Women’s Fashion

#1 Women’s Fashion:

When you think of a classic 1920s look, a glimmering, beaded evening dress is undoubtedly what comes to mind first. The dresses of the 20s were loose and not at all figure-hugging, but the drop waists were classy and flattering in their own way. Almost all dresses were drop-waisted, as opposed to the high-waisted trend of the 50s. A feather headband was the ideal accessory in the 1920s to add flair and glamour to your look instantly. Pearl necklaces have always been in trend and probably always will be. The 1920s take at pearl necklaces was a classy, long, and waist-length string. Women in the 1920s were big fans of cloche hats and were almost never seen out without one. A fluffy fur coat was another luxurious accessory of the 1920s and finished off women’s looks with class. It’s one of the many symbols of the lush and lavish lifestyles that Americans and Englishmen in the 20s lead, that people still dream about today. A pair of Mary Janes was the perfect way to finish off your look with a good girl touch.

 Men’s Fashion

#2 Men’s Fashion:

When it came to men’s fashion, plus fours were a popular type of pants in the 20s. Plus fours are pretty similar to oxford bags, except that they have extra four inches of cloth to add more of that baggy effect, hence the name. In the 20s, you would rarely ever see a man wearing a matching waistcoat or vest with his classy suit. It was also a symbol of class and wealth to always step out in a tailored, three-piece suit in that era. Oxford shoes were a popular choice of footwear by not only men but women too, and soon became a symbol of the expensive, classy, and preppy fashion that dominated the 20s.

#3 Children’s Fashion:

Children’s Fashion

In the 20s, younger boys would wear knickers with matching suit coats. Overalls were also common for both genders. Little girls would be seen wearing drop-waist dresses with peter pan collars. Parents dressed their babies in white christening gowns until they could walk. Tweed, wool, and cotton were common materials used for children’s clothing in the 1920s.

The 1920s were a good time for both men’s and women’s fashion, which is exactly why you should follow our guide to achieve that 1920s look immediately.

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