The Comeback of Trendy Vintage Clothing

Fashion, Style, Vintage / Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

Everybody around the world shares a mutual love for shopping. When it comes to aesthetics, the comeback of trendy vintage clothing has given people an excellent trend to follow. Vintage dresses are usually such pieces of clothing that have a strong cultural value and historical significance. The clothes that date back to the decade of 1920 and move forward through the 1960s come under the category of vintage clothes. Another category of vintage clothes is called new-old-stock or simply old-stock by the shopkeepers; these clothes are made at some point in the past but are untouched and have their original brand tags intact. Most of the people across the world seek these types of vintage clothes as they come in better quality along with great aesthetic feels. However, those clothes which are not from the new-old-stock can also have a strong cultural value to them, and these clothes are also preferred by a lot of people who love dwelling in the sweet memories of the past. The clothes that reflect the style of a particular era in history are the true vintage dress fashion outfits. People try to incorporate in their outfits such aesthetics which please the eye of the beholder and make a style statement for the owner.

Vintage Footwear

Vintage clothing doesn’t only mean outfits; it also refers to the vintage footwear and other such accessories which were made in the past but are still good enough to be worn around in the world of today. Some people also try experimenting with vintage clothes by modifying them into a style that has the qualities of both the past and present in them. There are also some clothes that, maybe old, don’t seem as if they are vintage as they don’t have any historical significance to them. So, the clothes that reflect the styles and trends of a certain era of the past time are the clothes that can be termed as vintage dresses.

vintage dresses

The comeback of trendy vintage clothing has aided people in adapting to their true selves without seeming too awkward or boring. Mixing and matching vintage clothes of different decades have also enabled people to develop their very personal style and make a style statement of their own. The trend of vintage in clothing includes the use of vintage-style prints and cuts in making clothes, pleated skirts, embroidery on pants, elaborately decorated denim jackets, sleek pencil skirts, bell-bottom jeans, flowy tops with padded shoulders, colorful tights, plaid high waisted pants, and oversized shirts. In footwear, it includes ankle boots, leather boots, loafers, oxford boots, wellington boots, platform heels, saddle shoes, GO-Go boots, and square toe shoes. The accessories included big, chunky jewelry, colorful plastic necklaces, stacked bangles, peace sign pendants, headbands, bracelets, and scarves. The prints that are popular for vintage dresses include bold and bright patterns, floral prints, geometric shapes, stripes, psychedelic prints, polka dots, and checkered prints, etc. The hairstyles can be a beehive, short curls, high ponytail, elegant topknots, or loose hair over the shoulders styled with beads and shells. This comeback of vintage dress fashion has also brought with it sheer stockings, the use of suspenders for holding skirts, bandanas, faux fur gloves, hats, big sunglasses, and headscarves.

 vintage dress fashion

Looking for vintage dresses can be tough, as well. Searching through a pile of clothes is not an easy task as there are tons of different clothes in different styles and colors stacked in a single pile. Sometimes you can buy faulty outfits, and there is no option of return or exchange, which wastes both your time and money. Also, it is very difficult to come across something that you have been meaning to find even though you find a lot of cool and pretty clothes while searching for the one clothing item you really want. At other times, you can end up ruining a vintage dress because you lack DIY skills while altering it to fit you.

A-line Vintage Dresses

No matter what, we can’t be thankful enough for the amazing comeback of trendy vintage clothing. It has not only provided aesthetically pleasing quality clothes at cheap rates but also helped people explore their true style. Your vintage dress fashion also tells a lot about who you are, what you like, what is your taste in clothing, and what type of personality you have. Vintage clothing has provided people with a lot of options. There is something for everyone in the world of vintage dress fashion. If you are looking for something rebellious, you can take inspiration from the hippie movement and wear bell-bottom jeans with denim jackets, if you want to look cool you can wear over-sized shirts with tights, and if there is an event where you have to look formal and elegant, you can go with beautiful pencil skirts with tucked-in fitted tops.

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