Possibly the Best Leotard on the Market for kids!

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Ask any dance mom, dance teacher or tiny ballerina what is the most inconvenient aspect of wearing a leotard and you will hear the same answer. Struggling with a leotard in a tiny restroom is a frustrating experience for young children. At such a young age they lack control and often wait until it becomes urgent to ask for a break.

As a dancer, an instructor and a mom, I cannot believe I never thought of this solution, but Zkakas has! They have a product that solves that problem and its really simple.

Zkakas now has a line of beautiful, graceful leotards for young girls, which feature a comfortable, snap crotch. No more struggles in tiny bathroom stalls or dealing with accidents. This is a real game changer for both students and moms!

This leotard comes in two basic styles, one with a tutu attached and one without the tutu. Make sure you know what the schools’ dress code is before ordering because some schools do not allow skirts, tutus, or dance pants in class. Either way, Zkakas has your little ballerina covered!

The skirtless leotard is long sleeve and features a princess-waist ( long waist) and a velvet bodice. It is very elegant and comes in navy blue. The leotard with an attached tutu is short sleeved and comes in pink. This is an ideal costume for a young girl. Not only is it over -the -top cute but it is extremely convenient when the backstage jitters take hold!

2 way leotard

For now, this product is only available for very young dancers.  A sizing chart proves very helpful when ordering. After reviewing the sizing chart, it appears that their sizes would actually be wearable for petite older dancers as well.

Zkakas may eventually offer this convenience in adult leotards. l. If you are an instructor, dancer or dance mom and would like to see this item developed for older dancers as well then please express your interest by responding to this blog. Tell other dancers and parents about this awesome new item and urge them to give feedback as well. The more interest that is expressed the more likely we are to produce an adult version of this handy, must-have leotard. I just wish I was still dancing so that I could own one myself!!

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