How to Wear Vintage to a Tea Party

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How to Wear Vintage to a Tea Party

Started in the 1800s by the royalties of England, tea parties are now a popular social event with women where they can socialize and enjoy light meals with their acquaintances. Held usually in the afternoon, the dress code for most tea parties is semi-casual – giving women a lot of dress inspirations from smart pants to flowy dresses. But how about dressing for the next part in a vintage dress?

These days, the vintage trends are booming in the fashion industry and many women are turning towards the feminine styles of the 1920s and 1950s to shine in their next event. If you are also looking for the perfect attire for your next tea party, a vintage dress is your best savior.

Here are some tips on how you can wear vintage to a tea party.

  • Floral dresses
Floral Dress
Floral Dress
Floral Dress

Floral and feminine style dresses are the most popular option for a tea party. However, it is best to avoid black and opt for light or pastel color dresses with the knee-length hemline. You can complete the look with pumps or sandals to complete the look.

  • V-necks
V-neck Dress
1950s V-neck Dress

Another vintage dress style to look out for if you are planning your attire for a tea party is a V-neck dress. Low-cut, V-neck dresses were a popular style of the 1950s and women of that era usually attached a scarf or a longbow tie to the neckline in order to promote modesty. Look out for dresses with a tight bodice and flowing skirt for the ultra-feminine look.

  • Pencil dress

Opposite to the full-skirted style, that we are accustomed to seeing in vintage dress is the pencil or the wiggle dress, as it is known today. The bodice of these types of dresses is tight-fitted, nipped at the waist. In fact, the tighter they are, the better they would look.

These types of dresses usually come with elbow-length sleeves with small collars, bows, and even pockets for embellishments. It is a perfect attire choice for a formal-themed tea party. You can complete the overall illusion with stilettoes and a small clutch purse.

  • Button-down dresses

Button-down dresses or the shirtwaist dresses were another phenomena of the vintage era. They were easy to put on and were all about casual, comfortable, and easy-going style.

The traditional style of button-down dresses started with straight buttons down the center of the dress. However, with time, the buttons took various variations and started appearing asymmetrical or off-center. They were usually made from simple fabrics for daytime wear or tea parties and were never an option for formal occasions.

  • Polka dots

Last but not least is the polka dress styles for a tea party. Polka dots were a hot favorite in the past era and every woman – regardless of her age owned at least a couple of dresses in the polka dot print. Although the style was pretty simple, fashion moguls came up with various creations of the same including dresses, shirts, skirts, and even pants. The style remains with us today and is still a popular print style with many.

What about accessories

Accessories were – and are a staple add-on for women. In fact, it is often said that accessories complete the outfit and even enhance its appeal. When it comes to accessories for a vintage-themed tea party, the glove is a necessary element. Go for white and choose the one that ends at the wrist or below the elbow.

Hats and headpieces were also a favorite accessory of women attending tea parties in the past era, especially when the event was held outdoors. Go for wide-brimmed styles with flowers and ribbons as decoration.

Always remember, it is traditional to leave the hat on during the party. However, make sure to remove the gloves before the tea is served.

Are men invited to tea parties?

Yes, men are often a part of tea parties as it is an event for the whole family to enjoy together. If men are invited to the tea party with a vintage-themed, the most proper attire would be to wear suits in dark colors – like navy, gray, or brown – as black is never appropriate for a tea party.

A white shirt is best complimenting to the dark colored suit while a colorful or a bright-colored tie, along with classic leather shoes will complete the men’s tea-party attire.

Ready, Set, Shop!

An invitation to any event is the start of a shopping spree for any woman. And if the chosen attire is vintage dresses, then the shopaholics can have all the fun selecting from a variety of feminine pieces available. If you are also looking for the perfect dress for the upcoming tea party, check out famous sites where you will find the best styles from the past era to suit your occasion. Our quality is exceptional while our prices are unmatchable. So check it out and enjoy your tea with the best!

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