How to Wear a Dirndl?

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Dirndl Costumes
Dirndl Costumes

The Dirndl was initially the traditional Bavarian dress. It originated in the early 19th century, but the popularity of the dress is now limited to Oktoberfest only. The festive atmosphere of the Oktoberfest demands equally festive attire, and a Dirndl fulfills that pretty ideally. Here’s how you can wear a dirndl without making a mistake, but first a bit of knowledge and information,

The dress is made up of three parts, and these three parts are almost, always sold together. But you can get your separately as well. There is a white blouse that is short and ends just underneath the bosom; this is to enhance the curves to their potential, then the main part, the dress and lastly the apron; these three parts make-up the Dirndl. The apron needs to be tied the right way to signal the right message. How you tie the apron tells a lot about you.

  • Bow to the right means you are taken.
  • Bow to the left means you are single and are willing to date.
  • Bow to the front indicates that you are a virgin and clearly off-limits.
  • Bows to the back are mostly for kids and servers.

The right way to wear a Dirndl,


You may not know this if you are a first-timer, but a dirndl exposes a lot of cleavages, which means that a push-up bra is an essential part of a dirndl. You will need a lift and support underneath your bosom to set the blouse right.

Cropped Blouse:

The next part is your blouse, the blouse is always cropped, and it ends right under the bosom. There is also a lace to adjust how much cleavage your need. To cover more let it loose to show more tighten it a bit. This is the right way to adjust the blouse. There are many options, ruffled or plain or embroidered for a blouse.


Over the blouse, you add your dress. The dress is designed with a bodice, a long skirt as well as some embellished laces. You can do your laces any way you want; they add the perfect feminine and elegant touch to the whole attire. The tighter you pull, the better you show your cleavage and clinch your waist.


The last bit your Dirndl is your apron. This is the most important part as it tells the men your relationship status. Scürze is the traditional name of the apron that you tie over your dress around the narrowest part of your waist. It adds the perfect color and contrast to your dress.

Dirndls are fun, and they are the perfect costume for both Halloween as well as Oktoberfest.

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