How to Dress Gatsby Style?

1920s Fashion, All Blogs / Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Themed parties, functions or events are quite common these days and the most common theme that one might come across is the Gatsby style.

The Great Gatsby

The era of the 1920s was quite famous in terms of fashion and the new trends and styles that emerged during that time period. The fashion styles that were followed in the Great Gatsby became a talk of the town as soon as the movie was released.

Great Gatsby Style

However, if you have a Gatsby themed event coming up then no need to empty your bank account and restrict your monthly budget by spending an excessive amount of money on getting all the accessories required.

Gatsby themed party

You can easily visit a nearby resale shop and get accessories and apparel that you like. In order to dress Gatsby style, keep in mind that the more shapeless the dress is the more better it is as back in the 1920’s people and the characters in the movie used to loose dresses that used to conceal their body and its curves. An ill-fitted flapper dress is what you need that can be stylized with funky beads or big chunky hairbands.

Gatsby style accessories

It can easier for you if you put your favorite character and their dressing style and sense in front of you. Your favorite character can help you finalize your look for the night. The most famous characters and their Gatsby styles are mentioned below:

  • If you wish to dress up as Daisy Buchanan then go for girly fabrics that are available in pastel shades. Use fabric like lace or chiffon to achieve the perfect look. A lace peplum top in pastel shades can be worn with funky jewelry that was common way back in the 1920s.
  • Jordan Baker was the most glamorous character in the Great Gatsby so if you wish to dress up like that then a black maxi with chunky necklaces would be a perfect style. Don’t forget to flaunt your bold red lips with the stunning dress that you are wearing.
  • Myrtle Wilson was one of the bold characters in the movie. Her confidence was evident in the type of clothes she would wear. Her striking color combinations with bold patterns used to stand out in the movie. Add ruffles to the dress you are wearing or go for a very bright skirt with an equally bright t-shirt that can be paired up with floral or patterned scarfs.

However, men used to wear light pastel-colored suits every day with a pocket chain attached. They used to wear hats and a plain white collared shirt.

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