How to choose Latin shoes for kids?

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Whether your child has just started with Latin dance classes or has been dancing for a while, one is for sure – you’ll need to know how to choose Latin shoes for kids. And this article is just the place to start with. So, keep on reading.

Why choose Latin shoes over sneakers?

Many parents think they don’t need to purchase Latin shoes for their kids. Latin shoes can be quite pricey, so we get this. However, there’s a reason why Latin shoes exist. They cannot be compared to or substituted with a kind of footwear you’ll wear in the gym. Everything is different about Latin shoes – sole, design, material. Good-quality Latin shoes will offer your kid the perfect balance, flexibility and support – just what he/she needs to keep dancing without getting injured. These unique shoes are also very lightweight, literally making steps light and easy hence more confident. This means that your kid will be able to dance for longer before their feet really starts to hurt. Finally, the earlier your kid starts to practice in their Latin shoes, the better their feet will form for this kind of dance.  

We hope that now you understand why buying Latin shoes for your little dancers is so important. Speaking of which, here are some things to keep in mind when buying Latin shoes for kids.

Simple Steps to Choosing the Best Latin Shoes for Kids

Closed toe vs. Open Toe

When it comes to closed-toe shoes, these are designed for Standard dances – the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot. On the other hand, the open-toe shoe is designed for Latin dances since these require faster and lighter movements as well as pointing of the toes.

There are two types of Latin footwear for girls – Latin sandals or open-toe Latin shoes. The former is more suitable for dancers that have already worn Latin sandals before, whereas the latter is ideal if your kid is new to Latin dancing.  So, if you’re buying the very first pair of Latin shoes for your kid, go with open-toe shoes and then progress to Latin sandals after some time.

As far as Latin shoes for boys are concerned, there really isn’t much to talk about here. These shoes are usually black Oxfords with laces, suede sole, and a 1.5 inches ‘Cuban’ heel.

Snug fit

Latin shoes are specifically designed to provide the right level of flexibility, support, and balance. If your child has never before worn Latin shoes, it’s important to take time and find the right fit for their feet. So, take a look at this video to learn how to measure your kids’ feet and find the right fit for them. Also, when buying dance shoes, don’t forget to refer to the size chart.

You would want to choose a snug fit, but it shouldn’t be too tight. If Latin shoes are too tight, dancing in them will be painful. Similarly, if they’re too loose, your kid will try really hard to stay in balance.

If this isn’t the first time you’re buying Latin shoes for your little one, then you probably already know all this and this step will be much easier for you.

Heel height

Heels in women’s shoes can either be slim or flared, ranging in height from 1 – 3 inches. Whereas slim heels make turns easier in Standard dances, flared heels are better suited for Latin dances since they provide more flexibility and stability.

Latin shoes for kids usually have a low heel, allowing them to get used to this kind of footwear and dance successfully. The time will come to move on to Latin sandals with higher heels, as your kid progresses with the dance classes and training.  

Suede Soles

The suede sole is the best type of sole for Latin shoes. It’s non-slip and so it provides the perfect amount of slip and traction. Thanks to this, a dancer find it easier to be in balance and also has greater control when practicing and dancing.

The rubber sole is not such a good option because it doesn’t provide smooth and flexible movements which can cause knee injuries. On the other hand, the leather sole isn’t non-slip, increasing the risk of falling.

Since Latin dance shoes have a thin and flexible sole, they’re also more delicate and less durable than normal shoes. Under no condition, your kid should wear them outside or at home when they aren’t dancing.

Design and Colors

Dance shoes for girls come in a wide variety of designs and colors, giving you plenty of options to choose from. No doubt your daughter will be thrilled to choose Latin shoes in her favorite color!

Latin shoes for boys come in few colors only – usually in black, white or two-tones. However, this certainly makes it easier to choose Latin shoes for your little man due to limited options out there.

Here you’ll find Latin shoes for both boys and girls.

Learn your kid to treat their Latin shoes right

Well, that’s it for choosing Latin shoes for kids. Before we say goodbye, we would like to tell you a few words on Latin shoes care.

It’s important to teach your kid from the beginning to treat their dance shoes right. This way, their shoes will last longer and will be more comfortable. Teach your kid to polish their shoes once in a while to keep them in good condition.

Also, you may apply silicon-based oil sporadically to prevent cracking. As for suede soles, remember to brush them regularly in order to remove any dirt. This will help the soles last longer.

Latin shoes play a significant role in your kid’s dance training so showing some respect for them is desirable.  

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