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Whether you can swim or not, the bikini is a must-have item for summer. You go to the beach in the summer, even if you just step on the beach, please wear your sexy bikini!

woman in bikini sitting on the beach with a can of drink

Are you still confused about the choice of swimsuits in the summer? Don’t know which styles you are suitable for? The beautiful lady should not miss “how to choose a swimsuit”. After the last article, I briefly talked about several popular styles of swimwear selection tips. I will add a few points following:

Bandeau Tube Bikini &Under Boob

This swimsuit is more suitable for people with small breasts, and some bows and ruched design adds cute elements. On the summer beach, whether you are sitting on the beach with girls, or taking a walk on the beach to take beautiful photos, a tube top swimsuit is a good choice. However, this swimsuit is not good for fixing the breasts, and it is not suitable for a large movement, so it is not very friendly to the big bust. You need to consider this point when you choose a swimsuit. And we heard the Under Boob, some of which look similar to the tube top swimsuit, but the Under Boob is a bit sexier. If you are a more open person, you can choose it.

Bandeau Tube Bikini

Slash Neck Bikini

The off shoulder bikini feels the fresh style, it is very suitable for girls with beautiful shoulders to take pictures and play with water. If you want to swim, please change one. If you want to show your shoulders and don’t want to reveal the truth about your small breasts, try a swimsuit with a ruffled hem.

Slash Neck Bikini Top

One Shoulder Bikini

The irregular design of the one-shoulder swimsuit adds a playful personality. A simple one-shoulder swimsuit can better embellish your shoulders. If your shoulders are a bit wide, you can choose this one-shoulder swimsuit.

two pairs of orange and teal one-shoulder bikinis

Small Tips:

  • To make yourself look slim, choose a dark colored or small floral swimsuit.
  • Special print or hollow style will make you look thinner.
  • People with flat hips choose bright colors or exaggerated prints. This style of bikinis will make your butt look more upright.
  • People with large hips should choose a plain, properly wrapped triangle bottoms design.
  • The most important thing about choosing a swimsuit is fit, too big or too small is not suitable.

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