How to Choose a Suitable Tea Dress?

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Red Dress

A tea party isn’t your average party or get-together; it’s more refined and elegant than that. Hence you must understand the dress code as well as antiquates to wear the perfect dress at a tea party. If you haven’t got a clue about choosing a suitable tea party dress, here are some classic tips and ideas.


You need to check out the invite to see where it’s held to understand the formality of the situation. If the tea party is at your friend’s house, then the atmosphere will be a bit causal so smart but casual clothes will do. However, if the party is at a hotel or a posh venue, you will need to consider your clothing more carefully. At such a venue, you will need smart and semi-formal clothing.

Turn on your Feminine Charm:

Elegance and sophistication is a part of every tea party. It’s the best place to show off your feminine charm and style. Most appropriate dress for a ladies tea party would be a pretty dress.

Choosing the style of the dress:

Before we go about telling you are styles you should go for, let’s read about what are the “BIG No’s”.

  • Do not go for extra short dresses
  • Don’t go for body-hugging dresses
  • Don’t opt for black
  • Stay away from slits and plunging necks.

Here’s what you do definitely go for,

  • Mid-calf length, just above the knee or just below the knee is acceptable.
  • A sundress with floral print or subtle pastel colors would be perfect.
Vintage Dress with Petticoat

A frock/dress isn’t the only thing you can wear; a classic skirt is another option. Length of the skirt should be mid-calf, and you can pair it with a cardigan or a sweater. Another classic touch would be to add a brooch or a pin as an accessory.


To complete the dress, you will need a good pair of shoes. Now, what kind should you go for? The most appropriate would be kitten heel pumps; you can also go with heels if you want but not something too high or too loud.

Other Points:

Pearls are the most appropriate jewels with your tea party attire. You can also add a fun hat and gloves to go with your dress. As hats are a traditional part of a tea party, they add a classic touch. You can’t go wrong with a straw hat of its summers.

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