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Whether you’re a clued-up collector of 50s originals or a novice that loves the vintage creation clothing, it is always important to learn about the iconic looks of that era that continue to inspire us today and the different ways to style the same. Let’s discuss some of the ways to choose 1950 dresses to recreate the classic vintage look.

Women in Vintage Look Walking on the Street

Pick Dress that Look Like Current Trends

First of all, it is essential to pick the garments that look identical to the current trends so that it doesn’t seem like you’re wearing a costume. Most contemporary fashion like floral is really a reinterpretation of styles from the past and thus finding such garments that look like current trends is quite easy to avoid the costume-y look.

Aline Slip Dress

Choose your 1950s Style

When you’re looking for era-specific vintage dresses, it is always handy to know a little bit about the iconic styling details attributed to that era. For example, if you have an hourglass figure then 1950s silhouette will be super flattering and flaunt your figure in style. 1950 is an era of femininity where you can find brocade fabrics, halter necks, sweetheart necklines, asymmetry, corseted waists, ballerina length hems and a lot more. These dresses were flirty and designed to celebrate the hourglass figure. While choosing a 1950s dress, it is important to choose your style so as to add life to your vintage look.

woman leaning on table in cafe

The Perfect Fit

Sizing can be a little tricky in vintage dresses and thus it is suggested to keep your measurements handy and keep in mind the alterations that suit your body requirements. Also, pay attention to the different patterns that give your modern dress a vintage look. Polka Dot, floral and plaid pattern was quite common during that 50s era. Choose your desired pattern, do alterations as per your size and turn the heads of the onlookers.

woman with retro style sunglasses

The Finishing Touch on Your Dress

Once you have a vintage dress, you can easily pair them up with the right accessories so as to make it classy and flattering. Pairing vintage clothing with modern shoes and bags is an easy way dramatically ground an otherwise whimsical garment. You can also apply 1950s makeup to complete this vintage look.

woman wearing black and white polka-dot tube dress standing near ice cream shop

So, these are some ways to choose 1950s dresses. From swing to pencil dress, from plaid pattern to polka dot, choose 1950s style that captures your imagination and allows you to style yourself to our heart’s content.

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