How Do I Dress Like Audrey Hepburn?

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Audrey Hepburn is considered as one of the most beautiful women to live. While some regard her inner elegance as her major asset, there are others who love her overall style and beauty. Audrey’s style is considered timeless and irreplaceable. She even brought back some of the classic fashion statements like a simple black dress into life. Given her natural style and popularity, everyone wants to copy her and dress like her.


If you wish to dress like Audrey Hepburn, a classy dress paired with minimal makeup and a well-managed hair can do the trick for you. Here are some pro tips:

Cropped Trousers

Firstly, Audrey was known to love her cropped cigarette trousers that soon became a global style statement. She wore her trousers in multiple ways and shades –including black, checked fun summer prints, and gingham. And She paired the same with a simple white tee or her signature black-colored roll-neck top. Also, She never forgot completing her look with a pair of simple, flat ballet pumps.

Black Roll-Neck

Secondly, the classic black roll-neck top made Audrey quite famous in the fashion world. It even became her signature wardrobe essential. She went forth to complete her favorite black roll-neck ensemble with a simple black trouser or tight and a black pump to look ethereal throughout.


Classic White Shirt

Thirdly, you can never go wrong with a plain, classic white shirt as your go-to look. Audrey did the same at most times to never make a fashion blunder. Audrey was famous for wearing an oversized white shirt to her bed with her eye mask on. Soon, white shirting became a Hepburn signature. She continued flirting with her obsession for the white shirt as she tried on different sizes and patterns to make the look more interesting.

Little Black Dress

Fourthly, this was yet another signature closet item from Audrey’s wardrobe collection. She would wear the black gown to late-night parties or date nights. She was often spotted wearing the little black dress while having her breakfast opposite Tiffany’s store at Fifth Avenue.

retro-resses-audrey-hepburn-1950s rockabilly-polka-dot-dress
Audrey Hepburn 1950s Polka Dot Dress

Silk Scarves

In addition, Audrey was mostly spotted complementing her outfit with a beautiful silk scarf to look fashionable throughout. In the movie “Roman Holiday,” Hepburn was seen sporting a 50s-style midi skirt with a short-sleeved skirt and a silk scarf around her neck.

Above all, make the most of the classic fashionable cues Audrey Hepburn has to offer.

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