Great Gatsby Outfit Inspiration: Shoes

1920s Style, Style, Vintage / Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Ever since the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby came into existence, it has created quite an image among the current population when it comes to having a theme for costume parties. It has transported people back into the glamour of the parties that took place in 1920s. During this decade, it was after a huge amount of time that women were given the liberty to dress playfully, and let their hair down to have some fun at these parties full of glamour and glitter. So naturally, there was a lot of styling and excitement when it comes to the dresses and these outfits have been iconic ever since.

In case you are wondering what type of shoes one should wear at a Great Gatsby inspired theme party, then look no further, below are some of the iconic shoes that used to be worn back then:

 For Men:

1920s Mens Shoes

For men, the style didn’t change as much when compared to the previous decades.  During those years, men used to wear suits all times for all kinds of events. In order to perfectly complement the suits and tuxes, formal shoes would be worn.

 The brogue shoes used to be in fashion back then. These also looked like sport shoes but would do great with suits and tuxes as well. Other than that, there were also two tone shoes in fashion during that time period. The tones of these shoes would be brown and white, or black and white.  There were also the cap toe oxford shoes. With sewing very much visible on the top of the leather, these shoes will now give the perfect 20s look and would create a nostalgic air mixed with elegance.

For Women:

For women, this was a great decade. With shorter dresses now in style, they would wear heels which would further accentuate their legs.  The heels worn in this time period were not as sturdy as block heels but not as thin as stilettos as well.  These heels were also not very long and a very moderate length was kept in order. Other than that, one major feature that could be seen in the shoes worn back in hr 20s was the straps. There were often one, two or even sometimes more three straps on the heels.In order to make up for the glamour and glitz of the parties, there would often be a lot of décor of glitter and sequins on these heels to make them seem flashier. Flapper shoes were also in fashion back then with rounded fronts and small heels that would make it easier for them to dance all night and frolic around. If you are one who prefers comfort then you don’t need to fret as basic heeled pumps were worn back then as well.

1920s shoes

One should try not to wear wedge heels or open toes sandals if what they are aiming for is an authentic 1920s look as close round toed sandals were in fashion back then and wedges were not worn very frequently.

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