Gatsby Dress for Wedding Guest

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The Roaring Twenties were the time to rebel against persisting norms of society and uphold character development and western culture. There was innovation, uniqueness, and entirely different fashion style which took birth.

Gatsby Dress for Wedding Guest

The Gatsby-Era sparkled with glamorous parties, an eventful social circle, and a lavish lifestyle. Thus today, when a Gatsby-themed party is thought of, classic vibes, luxury, and elegance are must-haves!

Gatsby Dress for Wedding Party

Gatsby-themed weddings have been in trend for quite a long time, and they don’t seem to be exiting any soon. When going to such a wedding, the most important question pops up – What to wear?

For Women

Women’s fashion took a major turn in the 20s, with newer 1920s styles to enhance and uphold femininity. Flapper-style dresses became a famous choice for parties and other events. These are short, knee-length dresses usually embellished with hanging beads and sequins, thereby allowing making a grand entrance. It is upon the wearers choice whether they be loosely-fitted to allow greater motion (weddings and their dances!) or be figure-hugging, to complement the body shape. Though sporting a variety of colors, black flapper dresses were greatly opted for, owing to their elegant vibe. Pair it up with a beret, or a feathery headpiece, and matching laced gloves, and your look just got accentuated to an entirely different level.

Gatsby Dress for Women

For those who do not wish to wear knee-length dresses, long dresses, such as ankle-length could also be opted for. Especially net, laced dresses are quite a fashionable choice for women, displaying traces of the skin beneath, and beautiful patterns on the net above. Gowns are another royal choice, bound to make a statement. This attire can be in any color, with champagne being a choice for many. Pair it up with a fancy capelet, or a fur shawl, and you are bound to be a head-turner. Also, don’t forget to don stiletto heels, and a great attitude for major 20s nostalgia feels.

For Men

With formal events comes the evergreen tuxedo. Pin-striped, or of a plain solid color, with a button-down shirt underneath, this classy look speaks volumes for one’s personality. Pair it up with the oh-so-necessary bowtie, and subtle cufflinks, and you stand out of the crowd, grasping all attention. Those opting for a more Peaky Blinders vibe can choose longer coats instead, and a fedora to complete the look. Desire a much casual look instead? A formal pant shirt, preferably black and white, with suspenders is the attire to go for.

Gatsby-themed Party

With a variety of choices, and the fashion of the 1920s as a benchmark, there is no need to ponder upon what to wear if a Gatsby-themed wedding comes up. Any of these choices and you are going to stun.

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