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With the release of The Great Gatsby, nostalgia hit hard, and the 1920s came flashing back in our minds. Oh, the Roaring 20s!

The glitz and glamour, unique dresses, and bold makeup, everything spoke extravagance. But the look was not complete until accessories came in the picture. Be it a ruffled skirt or a gorgeous sequined-dress, the look does not seem perfected until a bit of bling! is added, making your presence, a sure head-turner.

The accessories may include:

The Headpiece

1920s Gatsby Accessories

The headpiece mattered vastly in making a fashion statement. For a subtle yet eye-catching look, the headband is the way to go, worn with its front in the middle of the forehead. Though made of cloth, it can be accentuated by flowers and patterns matching your dress. For others who wish to make a grander statement, an embellished headpiece with upright feathers, even Peacock feathers, may seem apt. Whilst those with the love of sparkle can opt for a much royal look instead, with sequins and pearls lining the headpiece, oozing elegance.


Gatsby Style Accessories

The desire to make a statement, but sporting bare hands? An unlikely combination. Especially with sleeveless dresses, the hands are most prominent, and thus must be adorned suitably. Gloves work best for a vintage and classy vibe. The choice of glove depends on the dress-type and the weather of course! Elbow-length silk or opera gloves could be worn with formal dresses and in cooler weather. Whilst net, laced gloves are the real deal. Displaying an array of patterns with traces of the skin showing, they are comfortable for any weather. Fingerless gloves could also be sported if you want your rings to steal the attention.

Feather Fan

1920s Feather Fan

Royalty and hand fans go hand in hand (pun intended). The mystique and glamour of a woman are further enhanced when she enters, dress on point and fan in hand, serving as the perfect accessory. The size and feathers of the fan vary with the choice of individuals, whilst they can also be embellished at the center with sequins and stones, for an enhanced look.

Cigarette Holder

It must not be forgotten that the Roaring Twenties included rebellion against the norms of society. A woman with a cigarette holder established just that. Slim and sleek, and often black, the holder also held the ability of extension. Taking the fashionable vibe up a notch, this surely was a captivating enhancement.  

The nostalgic flashbacks come accompanied with the desire to revisit these vintage themes and exhibit a Gatsby-inspired look. Be it an event of glamour, opera, or prom, accessories make or break the look. With 1920s accessories such as those above, you can never go wrong.

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