Does Vintage Clothing mean Secondhand?

Style, Vintage / Thursday, December 26th, 2019

The trend of wearing a vintage dress that has a marvelous aesthetic sense to it has become the style of every other person around the globe. Women, as well as, men are trying to find ways of incorporating vintage-style prints into their outfits to create a cool vintage look that reflects the history and trends of the past time.

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There are various terms used to describe the same types of outfits and accessories of the past decades, such as retro, antique, vintage, etc. There are multiple definitions to these terms as well where antique applies to those clothes which date back to the decade of the 1920s and past that, vintage applies to those clothes which date back to 1920s and then onwards reaching 1960s, and the term retro applies to those clothes and items of use which were made after the decade of 1960s. There is a general idea that the term retro reflects the vintage dress style of the outfits of the past decades. The idea that anything created and is more than 20 to 25 years old refers to vintage clothes.

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A lot of people believe that vintage clothing can only mean that those outfits are old and secondhand, but that is not really the case. There is a huge difference between clothes that are called vintage and those clothes that are secondhand.

Secondhand essentially means that the clothes we are talking about were, at one point or another, owned and used by someone else. So, whatever you buy, whether it is a piece of clothing, footwear, accessories, or other household materials, if it was owned and used previously by someone else, it falls under the category of secondhand. Vintage, as compared to the secondhand clothing, refers to those clothes which were made at some point in the past and are pretty old by date but still can be worn and are in good condition that reflects an aesthetically pleasing vibe and strong cultural value.

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There are clothes which, although old, can’t come under the umbrella of vintage dress fashion because they lack a sense of cultural value. The clothes that can be old but still appeal to the eye of the customer, have a good condition, made of good quality material, and display a feel of long history behind its creation are termed as vintage dresses and most of the times the types of clothes that can be called vintage come from the haute couture section of fashion industry.

Sometimes, when it comes to vintage clothing, the quality isn’t the only thing that matters, and in some cases, it doesn’t matter at all, as in if a piece of clothing has a historical significance and a cultural value attached to it, it automatically falls under the category of vintage dress fashion no matter the quality.

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For people who don’t like wearing old vintage clothes but would love to wear outfits that follow a similar pattern and style as the clothes of the vintage category, there is a solution for them with the name, “brand new vintage.” These clothes are also made at some point in the past but usually, have their original tags attached and are untouched. The shopkeepers refer to these clothes as old-stock or new-old-stock.

Wearing vintage clothes can be a little tricky if you don’t know what to pair it with. Because if you don’t pair your vintage outfit with brand new accessories, it might give a feel that you are wearing a costume, and nobody wants that, right? So, the basic idea of putting on vintage dresses is that always pair your vintage clothing with something that is brand new to give you an aesthetic feel without making you look as if you are wearing a costume. Mixing and matching vintage clothes from different decades can also look super cool and give you your own unique style rather than making you seem as if you are wearing old clothes. Wearing vintage jewelry with your vintage outfit can also add perfection to your style without making you look boring.

Vintage dresses are the perfect type of vintage dress fashion that looks ideal in everyone’s wardrobe, be it man, woman, elderly people, or children. Your vintage clothes tell a lot about you. They can tell people about your cool, but at the same time, bold personality, they can also show your fun-loving side while giving you an elegant look. When wearing vintage clothes, you can sense a part of history on yourself, which makes you different from everyone else. Wearing vintage clothes can make a style statement, and you instantly become a fashion inspiration for everyone around you. But, keeping in mind that vintage clothing and secondhand clothing are two different things is essential. Vintage clothes can be old but not necessarily used while secondhand clothes are always used.

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