Decorating Your Dead Pointe Shoes

All Blogs, Ballet, Handbook / Thursday, February 14th, 2019

For professional dancers, pointe shoes last between 12-15 hours! The Royal Ballet gets through 11000 pairs of pointe shoes per year. What to do with dead pointe shoes? Throw them? Don’t do that! To decorate  them! Make them one of a kind, forever keepsake. These are three simple ideas I found that I hope you guys can pull inspiration from.  

1. Colorful Pointe Shoes

The simplest way is to dye your pointe shoes red, blue or other colors.  

Colorful Pointe Shoes

2. Crystal  Pointe Shoes

Just stick crystals on using a small amount of glue. If you are interested in dancing in your shoes, please make sure the platform crystal free.  

Crystal  Pointe Shoes

3. Glitter Pointe Shoes

Put the glue wherever you want the glitter to be. Then sprinkle the glitter all over that glued part.

 Glitter Pointe Shoes

4. Works of Art

Altering dead pointe shoes is an enjoy for high level of crafter. The materials you need are affordable and have a huge range. The common materials are decoration snowflakes, gemstones, pearls, sequins, lace, rhinestones. beads, plume, acrylic paint glue or strong superglue etc.

Beautiful Pointe Shoes

Coming soon: Detailing tutorials.

Hurry up to save your dead pointe shoes!You’ll be amazed at your handwork.

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