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The first thing that hit your mind when it comes to the 20s fashion is the flapper dress and the gangster costume. Why not? These are undoubtedly two of the most popular revolutions of that era. But the best part is the 1920s is known for some amazing fashion trends and interesting ladies outfits. Whether you are planning to attend the roaring twenties themed event or a casual occasion, you will never run out of options while choosing from the most glamorous 20s outfits.


In simplest terms, 1920s fashion involved the loose outfits. Loose dresses were pretty common on rainy days, summers, and almost throughout the year. The daywear dresses could be seen as the outfits that would feature a belt around the waist or below the waistline and a skirt, which hung below the knee. So, are you ready to create your perfect 1920s style look this season? Well, here’s the guide to creating your perfect vintage look.

Non-Flapper Outfits

As mentioned above, the 20s involved a fashion where women would wear drop-waist and loose dresses. That being said, the first step to following the 1920s trend is to avoid the evening dresses and any type of long gowns. No matter what season or event it is, every woman (including the flapper girls) would wear slip dresses either short or long sleeves, accompanied by a long skirt. Though fabrics were usually different (depending on the women’s preference), most of them preferred cotton clothes featuring small prints. Furthermore, the bright and solid colors were often considered for the evening or noon’s outings.

Mix and Match Outfits

The best 20s costume involves the coordinate outfits, most commonly the pair of skirts and tops. There is no specific trend for the tops. You can either keep it casual or go a bit fancy (depending on the event you are attending). If you want a complete 20s vintage look, search for tunic blouses flaunting beautiful beads and sequins for the evening events. You can opt for some big collar dresses with embroidery work for the noon or morning events. As evening looks were mostly accompanied by a slash and thin belt, you can tie a belt across the waist to add a spark to your evening look.

Of course, finding the exact 20s outfit may seem a bit challenging, but some research and the above-listed features can help you pick the perfect wear for your event.

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