Choosing Your Belly Dance Costume

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Are you looking for the perfect belly dance outfit for your upcoming hafla? Then you are in the right place. Belly dance is a lovely dance that is greatly admired. People see it more like an expressive dance. Having the best outfit on, makes your presentation look better. It gives you the confidence you need while you twist and swirl in those flying skirts. Belly dance is a dream most women want to try out and the more secure one’s live their dream.

Zkaka has the best designs you can think of, and the best part is they come in various attractive colors. If you don’t have any clue where to start, this article will help you decide on the best outfit for your occasion.

First, you need to ditch the idea of a Cinderella effect when choosing your belly dance costume. You should consider the colors that highlight your skin, your body type, and other factors when choosing your costume.

Here are just a few things to consider when buying your belly dance outfit:


You would find that belly dance costumes come in different styles. You can choose a bra and belt that comes with skirts or pants like the Belly Dancer Costume Performance Sequined Bra / Skirt / Beaded Belt. There is also a bra top with skirt style which you can choose, or if you want to cover much skin, you can buy a simple dress design.


Another thing to consider before going ahead to buy your belly dance costume is its accessories. One thing you will find with most Zkaka belly dance costumes is that they come with beautiful sequins and some have rhinestones. You can also choose to buy the belly dance costumes that come with coin bells for an added effect. Also, if you want the more traditional belly dance look, you can also use the matching veils that come with the costume.

Bra Sizes

The Zkaka belly dance bras are very beautiful and are designed with sequins and rhinestones. The pendants used are made to match the material perfectly. The belt that comes with the bra is usually a perfect match. When dancing, people will notice the sparkle of the sequins and rhinestones. Zkaka puts into consideration women of different sizes, so you can get to choose a bra that fits you from small, medium to large.


Belly dance outfits are nothing without their swaying skirts. When a dancer swirls, the beauty of the skirt is seen. The belly dance skirts highlight the dancer’s waist and give the dance even a better effect. Imagine putting on Zkaka’s Belly Dance Skirt Ladies with Large Swing; the effect is just stunning.

If you’re looking for a seller that can help you realize your belly dance dream, Zkaka has you covered. They are known to deliver quality and a unique style of belly dance costumes that will make you stand out. You can choose from any of their wide range of belly dance costumes, either way; you can never go wrong.

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