5 Movement Artists Dancers Should Follow

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Before I became a Yoga teacher I took up dance. Not that I became a professional dancer, I did, however develop much respect for the craft that I’ve continued to follow it as I grew up. It has influenced me as a person as well as an instructor. I took up vinyasa because I knew I could do something creative with sequencing. I develop ladder flows for self expression, moreover I take inspiration from different movement artists so that I don’t grow stagnant in my practice.

Movement artists or movers are practitioners of human movement. Inspired by dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, calisthenics, and yoga; These individuals constantly explore new ways to move thereby elevating the human potential. Personally, I follow 5 extraordinary human beings that have stirred me the progress of my personal practice as of my students.

1.Cameron Shayne

Memorable Quote:

Play in Areas of weakness, mistakes, and Failure. Places where immediate success are rare if not impossible. In short, failure is the most frequent and important action that occurs in the learning process. Learning to love to fail and you’ll have massive gains  

Cameron Shayne was a student of martial arts during the time of Bruce Lee ( one of his heroes). Starting his career as a bodyguard to the Stars, he went on developing his method for mixing martial arts with yogic movement called Budokon. A mix of Calisthenics, yoga, Karate and Taekwondo. From there, his craft evolved into something more as he explored animal locomotion. This greatly contributed to the world of movement culture. His controversial views on teaching coupled with his non-traditional philosophical perspective on today’s “discipline culture” ignited a few media fires nevertheless, his name lives as a legend in his field. This man has been an inspiration for me since the early 2000’s. His command of anatomy, and his ideas of creating neural pathways to connect your mind and body through movement is unparalleled in my opinion.

2.Meghan Currie

Memorable Quote:

Us humans, we are conditioned to seek and fascinate about external world, but we are not so naturally conditioned travel to such great extents inwardly. And there is as much magic, wealth and surprise to be discovered inside as there is out. What is required is a new perception of what it means to listen…

Quirky, captivating, wild, and simply graceful–Meghan Currie exudes a true dancer’s elegance in her flows. Actually coming from a dance background she found yoga during her employment as a travel host in a show called “Alternate Routes”. Her practice grew until she was inspired to teach. What makes her unique? When she talks you into working with your body, she puts you at ease. You never stop moving so it feels like she takes you through the class in slow motion. Almost as if she is there for you every micro step of the way. Her cueing uses words like “ sprinkle” and “yummy” that one normally wouldn’t use in a yoga class yet it works. For me, she is one of the most intuitive, challenging and teachers there are. I would take her classes online or live.

3.Dice Lida-Klein

Memorable Quote:

If mediation is performed to remove the movements of the mind, then I choose move mindfully 😉

As one of the founders of the Bryce Yoga School, Dice approaches his practice as a moving meditation.  A fan of finding the flow in inversions for the simple fact that it keeps him in the present moment. Something he frequently says during his training. He is a mover with a focus for arm balances and functional range conditioning. His drills to gain strength are effective while careful enough not to put you in harm’s way.  I trained with Bryce School so I know his style well. He is funny, witty and genuine with all his students. He makes classes feel like play while allowing you to laugh at yourself even when you struggle. His online classes are Via Yogaglo. His live classes and teacher training are usually in Thailand. Personally, I am saving up to go to his workshops again soon.

4.Shea Usick

Memorable Quote:

When asked what brings me to practice. I often think of the quick benefits. The fun, the joy of exercise. But when I sit back and truly think. It is the focus that is cultivated that brings me to love it so much.

Shea Usick is probably one of the movers to watch. He was my fellow classmate during my Yoga 200h YTT. She hails from Canada. An EMT,  breakdancer and a yoga movement artist. He has one of the biggest hearts I know. His warm and caring energy envelopes a room when he teaches. HIs sequences are intuitive, challenging, and will prepare you to reach the peak pose at the climax of the class. As of now he is working with Pure Living Yoga and has started being part of Retreats and workshops. Check him out.

5.Ido Portal

Memorable Quote:

The body will become better at what you do, or don’t do. If you don’t move, the body will make you better at not moving. If you move, the body will allow for more movement.

Ido Portal Hails from a capoeira and crossfire background. For this, his style could be appealing to professional dancers because of his fighting style. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian discipline that combines dance and defending oneself.  His views on a constant exploration of the body have had him traveling the world sharing his philosophy. He Views the human body as an ever-adapting machine that shifts as our lives shift into different stages. As we age, grow, and move literally more or less, our body will create a path to suit that part in our lives. Why is he of interest to dancers? Simply because he requests that we have to keep trying to find new ways to move. As a result, we will find new ways to express ourselves.


There you have it. My five idols of movement. At 37, I don’t know if I will ever reach their heights, all I know is that as long as I can I will never stop Learning. I hope this serves you well.

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