1960s fashion for men, women, and children

1960s Style, Style, Vintage / Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

The 1960s was the era of fashion trends that are impactful even now. 60s fashion inculcated in itself the sociopolitical changes of its era. Events like the second wave of feminism, the cold war and the rise of consumerism let the new fashion trends emerge and become popular like never before.

60s fashion for women

1960s Womens Fashion

The fashion trends of women that emerged in the 1960s became exceptionally popular because of the changing social attitudes. One of the prominent pieces of fashion in 60s outfits for women was a mini skirt introduced by fashion designer Mary Quant. The mini skirt defied the reservations of conservatives and became popular under the umbrella of the growing demand for freedom for women. 60s women fashion statement included headbands, sunglasses and pillbox hats. Striking hairstyles like high hairdos named beehives were loved by women. Nevertheless, short bobs endorsed by Jackie Kennedy and straight hippie hair also became popular towards the late 60s. The go-go boots designed by Andre Courrege were loved then and are still in style with little variation. Stiletto heels, high hemmed dresses, bikini, and Capri trousers also became common. No one knew that these styles were there to stay and will inspire the fashion industry even after decades.

Men’s fashion in the 1960s

Men’s fashion in the 60s welcomed conservative, modern and, hippy styles in parallel. This era is characterized by rebellion and non-conformity which was clearly being depicted in the fashion trends.

Men’s fashion in the 1960s

While some men stuck to conservative suiting, others were adopting bell bottomed pants. Meanwhile, the casual Ivy League style also became popular in that era when John F. Kennedy adopted it. Oxford shoes, turtle neck uppers and Harrington style jackets are some of the inventions of 60’s fashion which are still popular. Towards the end of the 60s, the hippy fashion started becoming more widespread. It was characterized by brighter colors, floral prints, long and wide collars with long hairstyles 60s men widely experimented with their hair. From sleek comb overs, curly layers, front bangs, short bobs to short messy hair; 60s men welcomed all of them.

60s outfits for children

60s outfits for children

Kids’ Fashion in the 1960s did not abruptly change until they became teens. While the mothers were experimenting with miniskirts; school girls were strictly told to maintain a certain length of the skirt. Girls usually wore knee length dresses with long socks while boys were dressed in trousers with matching blazers. Mostly plain earthy colors or simple patterns were used in kids’ dresses. Though when these kids stepped in their teens, the fads started to change. The teen girls started following women with more vibrant dressing. The boys wore denim jackets, slim fit pants, and hooded uppers.

60s fashion has always been a lookup for the fashion industries of the following decades. This might be because the societies were changing in the post-world war era. People wanted to relive their lives with a new fervor. All of this resulted in experimentation in the fashion industry and the acceptability of new trends by the people and media.

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