1960 vintage wedding dresses

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Marriage is one of the most important decisions that an individual makes. Perfect is the word equated for each and every event. The perfect partner, the perfect wedding ceremony and most of all, the perfect wedding dress is what everyone dreams of. A wedding dress is something that an individual can hold on to and cherish for many years. When the event is missed most people look at the wedding photos or recall memories from the day, however, if you have the perfect look you can already remember it for decades. Choosing the perfect dress requires a lot of research and most of all require the hassle of looking for something that you might like. Bridesmaids become a huge part of this process. To lessen your burden, here are some of the favorite wedding dresses from the iconic 1960s vintage-dressing era, for you to comfortably make your choice because it’s not just a dress, but also an embodiment of your dream that you will remember forever!


Edwardian Style: Beautiful long-sleeved, high neckline satin wedding dress with embroidered lace on the neckline was a popular vintage dress in the 1960s.  The long satin dress fell beyond the feet, making a beautiful and soft train. This was one of the most popular designs as it screamed elegance and romance. Easily paired with a high bun with beautiful hair accessories and light makeup, the bride was the talk of the event. The lace often covered the top half of the bodice of the wedding gown making up the sleeves as well. The lace was made up of see-through net material, with a combination of big and small beautiful flower patterns. This could be seen as one of the fanciest styles as it was different than other plain white dresses.

Babydoll: In contrast to the long Edwardian style, Babydoll was shorter, ending at the ankles. This style of vintage wedding dress moved away from the typical cinched waist and figure-hugging dresses. Rather it was made to be slightly flowy and loose with a ribbon or belt-like accessory near the upper body to create a more sophisticated look. The material for this dress was often made of lace on top of thick plain material. This kind of dress could be easily paired with high or kitten heels and with elaborate headpieces to complete the simple, yet elegant look. Topping it with some bold lips such as red!

Mini dress: Even higher than Babydoll, this vintage dress ended near the knees. This became an iconic dress quickly as it was seen as a bold and courageous move, wearing a short wedding dress at the time. Since then, people have become more accustomed and accepting, as the media has normalized clothing like these. This dress empowered the woman, as they were now able to show their legs, which previously had not been permitted and considered appropriate inside of churches. These often had a cape-like lace bodice with a short skirt attached and short sleeves.

Feathers and Furs: These were seen as alternatives to the stylish lace wedding dresses. Furs and Feathers from different birds and animals were added as decorating accessories on many vintage dresses. Fur and feathers were attached to necklines, making them higher than the usual sweetheart neckline, around the sleeves and on the hem of the dress itself.  Other than fur there was nothing else on the dress itself that was attention-grabbing. The furs and feathers could be easily added to any kind of dress. Whether it was short or long, fur/feathers made it more elegant and posh looking. This kind of dressing could be paired with kitten or high- heels on A-line or flowy wedding gowns.

A-Line style dresses: A different kind of silhouette had been introduced in the late 1960s, which was more in tune with the previous era.  The designs moved away from flowy and shapeless to adding an A-line to make the waist not tight but prominent. A-line provided a cleaner and fresher look with sturdy lines and structured fabric. This was a combination of the A-line silhouette and the Edwardian waist. The fabric used for this was mostly simple and plain white, with no lace. This was a dress that was most favored by those who were more conservative and wanted to avoid the critiques by the churches.

A wedding is one of the most important decisions and sanctity for a person. When anything and everything from the event, the partner and most importantly the dress feels right, then the day becomes more like a dream coming true and less like a nightmare where everything goes wrong. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a huge part of the process and having the correct information regarding the iconic vintage-dressing era, makes the decision all the while easier!

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