1950s Fashion Trends that Should Make a Comeback

1950s Fashion, 1950s Style, Style, Vintage / Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

1950s is often looked back upon as a decade full of innovations and creativity In the fashion industry. There were tremendous amounts of designs and styles available back then to cater to the female gender. There were new silhouettes and playful looks that were vibrant and full of color. There was a general inclination towards hourglass figures. The 50s is associated largely with fashion because of famous icons as well who graced the screen and displayed the various styles going around. Icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly honored and enhanced the styles.

There was also the birth of rockabilly genre which was a fusion of country and rock music. With this new genre, came a new wave of styles. Here are 5 1950s dresses that should make a comeback:

Pencil Skirts
  • Pencil Skirts

First up, pencil skirts were widely worn in that decade. These skirts would suit perfectly to an hourglass figure and were also called “wiggle skirts” as women would have to wiggle in them whilst walking. Hugging the curves, these were more than often as long as knee length and were worn mostly in professional settings.  They would be fashioned in solid colors or with plaid prints.

Poodle Skirts
  • Poodle Skirts

Clearly, the 50s were big on skirts as there were a number of styles incorporated in skirts. Clinched at the waist, these skirts would flare out from the knee below and give a very graceful and delicate look. These were worn with button down blouses and would give a very refined outline of the figure. Poodle skirts were mostly worn on special occasions and were a huge hit at house parties.

  • Polka dots

Polka dots are often used by people to accentuate retro styles because they were a huge hit back in the 50s. This was a very playful and youthful design that was by women which added a fun and happy and joyful element to their wardrobes. These polka dots were majorly red and white, black and white and even black and red sometimes.

capri pants
  • Capris

Capris were hugely famous back then because of the sense of glamour they bring along with them while also having a grip on ease. These capris were brought to the public eye by movie stars and were then adapted by the general public. These capris were also called pedal pushers and added a flirtatious touch to the wardrobe.  The capri pants would usually be accessorized with scarves and sunglasses.

Cardigans and Blouses
  • Cardigans and Blouses

There were styles present for all the seasons and cardigans played a huge part in the wardrobe compilation for the winters and the fall. Worn easily with skirts and pants, these were the top choice for an upper body clothing piece. These blouses and cardigans were styled in lots of different ways with large collars or closed collars, beautiful buttons placed strategically or even plaits on the blouses adding an element of sophistication.

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