1920s Vintage Style Wedding Dresses Guide

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1920s Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

A vintage themed wedding shows the pure essence of beauty, elegance, and fun. The 1920s themed weddings like Art Deco, Gatsby, Downtown Abbey, or Prohibition-era weddings are always in trend. All you need to do is to find the perfect 1920 dress for your special day, along with the shoes and hair accessories that go with your beautiful dress to make your day even more special. While Gatsby’s wedding dresses are a symbol of a wedding party celebration, Art Deco wedding dresses define elegance with beaded embroidery. The Roaring Twenties was the decade when fashion made a big innovative turn and art-deco became the most popular style.

When planning a 1920s themed wedding, you’ll surely have beauty and glamour in mind that you must embrace to look and feel your best at your wedding day. It has almost been a hundred years but the vintage glamour is not done dominating the fashion industry, and so our brides are always on the verge to pick the best of the best dress from them. So, here are a few gorgeous ideas for you to design your perfect vintage style wedding dress.

Great Gatsby Glamour

1920s Vintage Style Elegant Wedding Dresses

The time of art deco sophistication during the 20s, wedding dresses were seriously glamorous and they are still perfect to take the party away. Gatsby is not just an idea, but a guide to help you create a full bridal wardrobe.

Glitter Bug

The wonderful flapper style wedding dresses got fame in the 20s as they had some fine gorgeous details overall. If you are a sparkle lover, this style is made just for you. Make your wedding dress stand out by pairing it with a sparkling accessory, like a clutch or a head accessory.

The wonderful flapper style wedding dresses got fame in the 20s as they had some fine gorgeous details overall

The Earl’s Daughter

Only the name is enough to trigger the time of utter elegance in your mind. When it comes to wedding celebrations, this might be the best idea on the table you wouldn’t want to miss. The light ivory silk wedding dresses speak the simplicity of the glamorous era.

The Earl’s Daughter

Silk Silhouette

The most stunning dress during the Roaring Twenties used to be a sleek silk silhouette skirt that drapes to the ground while fitting the bride naturally in all the right places.

Silk Silhouette

Getting An Idea for Today

wedding dresses today

If you are still confused to pick the right one, use your mind and some experts’ advice to create a modern dress that gives a glimpse back to the vintage era with all the laces, studs, and shines while embracing the elegance and simplicity.

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