1920s Fashion Style – How to Create the Roaring Twenties Look?

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Roaring twenties fashion and style has been immensely popular till date. The women of 1920s, as depicted in ‘The Great Gatsby’ were bold and rebellious with break-the-norms kind of outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and activities. They are still an inspiration for the modern fashionistas with their creativity and delicacy in how they got dressed up for the ball and parties.


The flapper girls used to wear fringed short dresses. These dresses come with a lot of glitz and glamour in the form of sequin and accessories. The typical girls wore the tube-shaped shift dresses embellished with glittering sequins falling just above the knees and usually fringed at the hemline. The headbands decorated with pearls, and feathers are a significant feature of 1920s party girl. The bold yet beautiful looks of these flapper girls of roaring twenties were controversial at that time. Because they did all that was prohibited for the women of that time; drinking, smoking, applying bold makeup, wearing short dresses and staying out late at cocktail parties. Here are some of the outfit ideas to recreate a perfect 1920s fashion girls’ looks.


Vintage 1920s Dresses

The vintage 1920s dresses had a significant charm that makes them still desirable for modern women. The vintage-inspired outfits of flapper girls were glamorous, sparkling and simply head-turning. The dresses were of short knee length or above with fringes at the hemline and embellished with the sequin. You can get a number of options available at Zkaka. There are dresses in various lengths, styles, and designs to choose from. You can choose one depending on your personal style. You can get a dazzling short dress in sequin and be in the limelight or by the long, floor-sweeping dress with modern retro embellishment.

Accessories Your Roaring Twenties Outfit Perfectly

1920s Look

For completing the 1920s fashion look you need to accessorize your outfit accurately. Don’t be shy of wearing sparkling and statement-making jewelry; pearl necklaces, sparkling bracelets, rings and standout kind of headband is must have to be paired with a sparkling dress. The long dangling beads in the form of jewelry, high heel shoes, and sparkling headband or cloche hat are must for completing the look. You can create a statement headband by using a pearl necklace and sticking a feather on the top to make it look like a vintage headband.

1920 Makeup


The bold and elegant makeup is must to complete the 1920s party look. Get the dark-rimmed eyes and blood red lipstick to complement the fabulous look.

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