10 Ways to Wear Vintage Sweater Dress

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With the change in season comes the need for a wardrobe upgrade – out with the old, and in with the new. This upcoming season is about dresses, sweaters, and all things warm. Some wish for a completely modern view, opting for a look right off the fashion runway. Whilst others have the desire to go retro – giving others a glimpse of the glorious past with the attire bound to capture hearts.

Sweater Dress Style

The vintage sweater dress is a must-have in the wardrobe this season. Giving the right combination of vintage and modern, it is the perfect attire to be donned for all occasions. You can wear it in a variety of ways, to suit each situation aptly. Curious how? Let us dive in:

#1 Frayed-Hem Sweater Dress

Frayed-Hem Sweater Dress

A recent look after the ripped jeans which has taken the fashion world by storm is the frayed-hem vintage sweater dress. Frayed at the neck and ends, whilst representing impeccable tailoring all over -for a trendy yet fashionable vibe, don this chic ensemble to stun all.

#2 Vintage Sweater Dress with Mesh Stitching

If you wish to take your knit dress to another level, laces and sheerness are the way to go. Combine the sweater dress with laces at the sleeves and end for enhancement of the attire. Or, for a modern take on this vintage ensemble, add a bit of sheer to the clothing with the aid of mesh stitching. Show off some of the body you’ve worked out so hard for, and flaunt that beach tan underneath a beautiful sweater dress.

#3 Schoolgirl Collar Sweater Dress

For the young at heart and jolly kind, this vintage sweater dress is a must-have. Wear it short, or have it long. Pair it with cuffed sleeves, or even ruffles if you’re feeling fancy. Bound to take you back to your older self, this sweater dress is a cute rendition of this famous clothing.

#4 Chunky Jewelry

Sweater with Chunky Jewelry

One cannot disagree with the importance jewelry holds in accentuating a look. Wearing a turtleneck or the famous V-neck vintage sweater dress, there is always space for jewelry. Be it minimalistic jewelry like simple studs, or long rhinestone earrings, and chunky necklaces or the trending chain jewelry – everything works. If wearing subtle colors, be sure to introduce some colors with your jewelry, or if going to a party, add some bling! for that center-of-attention vibe.

#5 Belt

Sweater with Belt

When wearing a loose vintage sweater dress, one always thinks – how could I make this chicer? Loose clothes often do not give the ‘smart’ or fashionable vibe one wishes for. But not to worry, as this dress can be paired with a belt at the waist. Wear a printed slim belt in case of a pastel-colored dress, or a broad trench-coat style belt which works with all styles, and be set to make a fashion statement.

#6 Tights

Feeling a bit colder, or just not in the mood to show off your legs? We’ve got you covered (pun intended). Put on tights with the color or print of your choosing – polka-dotted or animal print for a festive touch, or simple neutral colors for a subtle look.

#7 Printed scarfs

Scarfs and stoles are seldom appreciated for the role they play in the completion of a look. Single-toned clothes and a printed scarf on top – is there a better sight? Or if feeling a bit colder, wrap a shawl around yourselves, or wear it loose on your shoulders, for beauty personified.

#8 Pair it with a jacket

Pair it with a jacket

Wearing a solid-colored sweater dress is loved by all. However, the look raises to another level when paired with cardigans and jackets. Layers have a charm of their own, and this proves that. Donning a black sweater dress, wear a bright colored cardigan on top and you are set to rule. Another major trend in the fashion world is the re-invention of the trench coat. Wear the long trench above a knee-high sweater dress, and stun all with the cozy yet chic vibe.   

#9 Undershirt

Swater with Undershirt

Anybody can wear outer layers on a vintage sweater dress. But if you are opting for a differently chic look, wear a shirt underneath. A collar-neck shirt beneath a slim-fit sweater dress rocks the casual school-girl vibe. Or a long body-fitted dress underneath the loose knee-high sweater dress – comfort and fashion together.


No attire is complete without apt footwear. Heels or flats, pumps or wedges, each season has its bringing in terms of footwear. But this season calls for boots. Keeping you warm, whilst making a major fashion statement, good boots take the look to another level entirely. In the case of a vintage sweater dress, pair it with high neutral-colored boots, or wear knee-high socks with ankle boots – and you are ready to impress.  

With the season approaching, there is no time to waste. Get your old sweater dresses out of the wardrobe, and style them in a variety of ways. Or buy chic vintage sweater dresses from any renowned website, for a fashionable purchase indeed.

Time to take your fashion game up a notch!

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