10 Ways to Wear Vintage Dresses

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If you are among the ones who love shopping for vintage dress styles, it often becomes a daunting task to figure out how to choose, wear and carry your vintage clothing. Once you become successful in selecting the right vintage dress according to your style, experimenting by combining different vintage clothing styles of past eras remains no more a challenge.

Try Different Style of Vintage Dresses

Since different dressing styles have been associated with every individual vintage era, it is important that you learn to recognize a few of these styles. You can create some unique, amazing vintage dress looks on your own by following some general guidelines. This is not only fun but also displays your creativity. For instance;

In the 1910s, trench coats and long, funky boots with laces were quite popular. These coats and boots go well with the 1930s wide boater hats or straw boater, or the rocker t-shirts of the 1990s. However, it is insensible to mix vintage pieces of the 1910s with 1980s flapper style dresses or blazing tunics.

During the middle of the 1990s, several top-notch, classic styles were produced in neutral shades. Leather jackets in the 1950s and cigarette pants in the 1940s were most prominent among them, and they truly blend well when worn together. Likewise, the leather jackets look superb with bell-shaped jeans of the 1960s or the 1970s floral, swing dresses.

Classic Cuts

Your vintage dress should be such that it does not give a look at the costume. You should choose vintage clothing with classic cuts, which never go out of fashion. You can buy these pieces in multiple colors and shapes and these can be worn for several years.

For instance, fashion trends change quickly with time; however, a traditional vintage black swing dress, a vintage leopard-printed long coat, or a silky floral frock or a nude shaded blouse remain in style always and are like by everyone.

Leopard Patchwork

Checkered Cloth

With the arrival of the summer season, your options to choose vintage dress style widens, since you can experiment with numerous cool and bright colors and countless styles. The best way to dress in vintage clothing is by putting on a checkered shirt and making a bow on the front of your waist. Tucking your top inside nicely is also a great idea. Denim jeans and black leather boots will surely complement this top.

Classic Blazer
Classic Blazer

Combining Modern and Vintage Separates

Another option is mixing classic vintage style clothing with a contemporary style dress. This type of combination offers you a trendy but sophisticated look and you stand out among others.

For example; you can wear a camel trench or a leather jacket on a plain modern gown in your office.

Knee Length Skirt

Puffed skirt till knee length was in trend in the 50s and 60s. You may have heard it from your grandmothers and aunts how much they used to adore wearing a puffy knee-length skirt. You could still wear them now if you like those skirts. You can wear these skirts by pairing it up with a contrasting print top, tucked inside the skirt.

Knee Length Dress
  • Vintage Head-To-Toe Look

When you dress in a vintage style, you are basically experimenting with different items. Therefore, have fun with your look and do not be afraid to break the rules. You can do vintage dressing by selecting neutral items and an era-specific, classic outfit. You can go for a 1960s outfit, which include head-to-toe vintage. One such example is a belted garden dress with a wavy hairstyle and metal-frame handbag.

Look For Trendy Vintage Items

You can also go for vintage dresses that are trending these days. For this, look for popular online retailer’s inventories, read fashion blogs and look for fashion magazines. While you shop for vintage items, look for pieces having the same features.

Mix Different Eras Of Vintage

Another unique way to wear vintage dresses is to mix dresses of different eras of vintage. Although it is tricky to do this, the result will be not only interesting but also worthwhile. You can make some stylish and unique outfits by pairing multiple styles together. For example, you can mix a high-waist skirt from the mid-20th century with a rocker tee from the 1990s, for a contrasting style. You can even go for printed skirts, such as leopard or floral print.


Rompers are loved by everyone. You can wear a denim romper on top of a striped crop top. Brown shades and a brown long strap leather messenger bag can be used for complimenting this style.

Denim Short with Floral Top

Wearing a floral top is a simple way to get a Vintage Look. You can complement it with denim shorts or short skirts. As for accessories, cowboy style hat and retro-style sunglasses look amazing with it.

So are you excited to try these vintage looks? Follow these 10 ways of wearing vintage dresses and you will look amazing.

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